Run with Jules Coaching

Run with Jules, LLC came to life July 2017! I hope you are just as excited as I am 🙂 If you are interested in learning more, feel free to contact me below.


When did my love for running and racing start?

Well, let me tell you. I first started running with my dad as a teenager. I would tag along on some of his after work runs around the block. Eventually, I decided I wanted to run some races with him. He always used to run the Falmouth Road Race, so before I knew it we were training for it together. After my first Falmouth Road Race, I was hooked. Each year after that I would try to beat my previous time. I knew from then on, I was a runner.

However, it wasn’t until after college when my competitive running nature awakened and I realized my potential. In 2015 I was working full time and really wanted a challenge, a goal to strive for outside work, so I decided why not do a marathon! “I just want to do one”, I told myself. Well, that was a lie, ever since I crossed that finish line I was hooked. I eventually started working with an amazing coach and started setting PR’s in all distances.

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  • Marathon: 3:20:15       (3:42 –> 3:33 –> 3:20)
  • Half Marathon: 1:33:25       (1:47 –> 1:42 –> 1:39 –> 1:34:54 –> 1:33:25)
  • 10 miler 1:08:30
  • 5 miler: 34:31
  • 5k: 19:07

Now after ever finish line comes a new race and a new goal. I am currently hoping to run a sub 3:15 marathon at Boston! I will admit this goal scares me but also excited me beyond belief.

2018 Race Calendar

  • Cape Elizabeth 10 miler February –> PR 1:08:30
  • Boston Marathon
  • Wallis Sands Half Marathon

Why do I want to coach you?

That being said, my true passion besides chasing my own goals is helping others accomplish theirs. The same way my coach helped me,which is in more ways than she probably knows! In other words, I want to be your biggest supporter. I want to believe in you even when you might not believe in yourself. I want to encourage you to dream big. I want to help you reach your running goals you thought weren’t possible! Whether you want to cross your first half or full marathon finish line, run a Boston Qualifying time, snag a new PR, or you just want a coach to cheer you on as you set new goals, I am your coach!


“Julie started coaching me in early 2017 with the goal of doing a distance race in the Spring.  Julie’s plan helped me work around my schedule, and helped me increase fitness without injury!  I love that Julie stresses the importance of running slow on easy days, this has helped me feel rested and recharged for my key workouts (i.e. tempo runs.)  I especially love that she practices what she preaches!

 After a month of training with Julie, I set a PR in a 10 mile race, shaving almost a minute off of my previous time!  I ran the race feeling in control while keeping my mile splits consistently right at or under my goal pace.  I’ve “unofficially” had a 10k PR from a training run as well!  I’m excited to continue to work with Julie, and am looking forward to getting faster and stronger!” – Kailey from Portsmouth, NH


“I worked with Julie starting in January of 2017. I have run multiple marathons and really wanted to PR and break 4 hours again with a faster time. With Julie’s plan I significantly improved with speed, pacing, and overall fitness with respect to running. Her tempo runs and speed workouts worked incredibly well; her overall plan is very well constructed (mixing up tempo, speed, and rest days) and personalized to your running goals. I absolutely loved her plan and improved more than I expected! When you feel great at mile 22 at a faster than you’re used to pace you know you have a phenomenal coach!!” – Suzanne from Boston, MA


Are you ready to Run with Jules? Contact me below!