About Me

Hi I am Julie, but I love when people call me Jules!

Now let me share some other things

  • This one might be obvious by my header photo, I am a twin. Not as obvious, I am six inches taller than her.
  • I graduated from the University of Vermont in 2014 with a bachelors degree in Math/Statistics and now work in a tech company.
  • I love New England and have lived in Mass, Vermont and now New Hampshire!
  • This past summer (2016) I got a chocolate lab puppy and she completes me. I didn’t classify myself as an adult until I could successfully take care of myself and a dog.
  • I can eat a whole box of cheez-its with no shame.
  • Taco Tuesdays are very important to my boyfriend and I.
  • Suits is my favorite TV show currently, but I am open to watching anything anytime.
  • Now for running, I have been running most of my life, but growing up I did it to stay in shape for soccer.
  • Once I started working full time I became more dedicated and serious about running. My competitive side was awakened again.
  • I ran my first marathon in 2014 in Napa California. I trained myself and didn’t have a watch but ran a 3:42.
  • I qualified for Boston last year at the Sugarloaf Marathon with a time of 3:33:09 and the same day I met my puppy for the first time and landed a dog friendly apartment. Can you say best day ever?
  • I missed getting into the 2017 Boston marathon by 18 seconds.
  • I returned to Napa in 2017 to redeem myself and ran a 3:20:15 PR. I am still overjoyed and can’t believe it.
  • I started volunteering for Girls on the Run this spring (2017) as a coach and have continued into the fall!
  • I am an RRCA certified running coach and have been coaching athletes since July 2017, it truly is my passion!


  • Marathon: 3:20:15       (3:42 –> 3:33 –> 3:20)
  • Half Marathon: 1:33:25       (1:47 –> 1:42 –> 1:39 –> 1:34:54 –> 1:33:25)
  • 10 miler 1:11:08      (1:12:56 –> 1:11:08)
  • 5 miler: 34:31
  • 10k: 43:03
  • 5k: 19:07        (20:30 –> 19:07)

2017 Race Plans

  • Cape Elizabeth 10 miler February 5th –> PR 1:12:56
  • Napa Valley Marathon March 5th –> PR 3:20:15
  • Half Marathon Unplugged April 8th–> PR 1:34:54
  • Portsmouth Half Marathon April 22nd –> PR 1:33:25
  • Vermont City Marathon May 28th –> 3:59:50 with the Twin!
  • Beach to Beacon 10k August 5th –> PR 43:03
  • NH 10 Miler –> PR 1:11:08
  • BT Race for a Cause 5k — PR 19:07
  • Chicago Marathon October 8th — 3:23:15
  • Jingle Bell Half December 10th
  • Eastern States March 2018
  • Boston Marathon April 16th