Chasing 2018

I love setting new goals for a new year! It motivates me, but I am also flexible about them. If my goals change as the year progresses, that is okay, if I realize something won’t be possible under certain circumstances, that is also okay. Goals help me to be my best self.

Let’s start by looking at how 2017 went!

Goals I accomplished:

  • BQ Marathon – ran a 3:20 and a 3:23
  • Become a certified coach – done!
  • read a book a month – this changed to read 12 books, but done
  • Iceland and Chicago – done and done
  • save money – not much but technically I did this 🙂
  • GOTR- coached two seasons and still going
  • Train dogs to run with me – one is going well the other still needs work haha

Goals I didn’t accomplish:

  • Run the year in miles – realized this would be forced and not natural for me
  • Yoga twice a week – did once a week and worked out well
  • be able to do a pull-up – haven’t attempted this one yet
  • Mt Washington and Mt Katahdin – didn’t do as much hiking as I hoped this year
  • Be Present – still needs work

Goals for 2018, I am coming for ya!:

  • Add to Run with Jules – strength coach certification, dietitian
  • Volunteer at a race (marathon or half marathon)
  • Scotland (already booked) and a new US destination (solo running adventure trip? I think yes!)
  • Focus on building strength – 1-2x a week
  • Run a trail race – first one!
  • Marathon (3:10) and half marathon (1:30)
  • Foam roll, floss and take my vitamins every damn day
  • read 15 books
  • try a new hobby with Greg – woodworking
  • celebrate the small successes with wine 🙂
  • do something that scares me everyday and gets me closer to my goals
  • find a reason to smile every day
  • five year plan – full ironman

I think one of the most important goals for me this year is being present, that pesky phone can get in the way sometimes. I find myself going into a rabbit hole of other peoples successes and their best life that they put on instagram and wondering if my life is actually that great. Instead I should be just living my best life, with people, not through my phone. True in person connections. First step, get an alarm clock so my phone can spend it’s nights in my kitchen.

Not going to lie, I wrote this post before and it didn’t save and it was really good. Maybe the second glass of wine really helped, but not sure it’s is going to be as good this time around. Anyway, besides being present I want to make sure to celebrate the small successes and each success I make. It is easy to look at social media and think the goals you have been working towards for months aren’t really that great of an accomplishment because someone else did better, whether that means they ran faster, farther, got a promotion, traveled farther, got five puppies instead of one! Literally, anything. We need to stop doing this, but believe me I know how hard it is, I have been doing it all the time lately. Am I really a good coach? Am I really a good runner? Why do I try to do this and that? We all have doubts, but if we don’t believe in ourselves who will?

Also, if we don’t go after out dreams, who will? 2017 I went after my dreams but in 2018 I plan to keep doing just that. I want to constantly reflect and make sure I am on the right path. Does this make me happy? Is this fulfilling? Is this what I want to work towards in life? It is easy to get caught up in the routine of life and before you know it years pass and you are still thinking about that business you wish you started or that race you wish you ran or that class you wish you took. Why not now? Why not just go for it? If you fail or it fails, do you really have regrets? I wouldn’t because at least I tried.

I think I got a little side tracked, but I think you get the point. I plan to chase after all my goals in 2018, even if it scares me, even if I have doubts.

My favorite mantra is “She believed she could, so she did”, so this year I plan to do.

Thanks for following along for my 2017, I hope you follow along for 2018!


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