Races on my Mind

When you aren’t running, you think about running right?

At least I do. I plan out my next strategies and think about races I want to do if I don’t have one already lined up. That wasn’t a problem post Chicago, because I knew Boston was up next!

Right now I am thinking about 2018…what to run and where? Hmm so many exciting options. I have nothing planned for sure besides Boston, woot woot, but here are some I am thinking about!

Race Options in 2018:

  1. Eastern States 20 Miler – this would be in preparation for the Boston Marathon. It starts in Maine, goes through Portsmouth new Hampshire and ends in Mass. It is a very cool race, I ran it in 2016!
  2. Boston Marathon April 2018 – this one is a definite! Making a second attempt at my goal for Chicago, but overall goal is have fun and enjoy myself!
  3. Wallis Sands Half Marathon May 2018 – this is a local half for me along the coast in Rye, NH. It is also known for being flat and fast! It has always been on my list, but the past two years I have had marathons very close to the race date.
  4. Run to Remember Boston May 2018 – I would decide between Wallis Sands or this race, leaning towards Wallis Sands since I like the convenience of races nearby 🙂
  5. Pineland Farms Trail Running Festival May 2018 – I heard about this event last year and thought it was AWESOME. I immediately wanted to sign up for 2018 but held myself back. Well it is still in the back of my mind. I think it would be a lot of fun to run the canicross race with Ruger or Lyla on Saturday (it’s a 5k) and then try the 25km trail race on Sunday!
  6. Covered Bridges Half Marathon June 2018– If I did the previous race, I would not run this one. This is a really popular half in New England it sells out in minutes and the sign up is in December, have to make up my mind soon!!
  7. Beach2Beacon August 2018 – would love to get into this race again, it was so well run and a great course despite the humidity!!
  8. Hartford Marathon October 2018–  If I decide to do another marathon in 2018 (debatable) this one might be it! I honestly never thought of this race and then I heard rave reviews about it. I started looking into it and depending on how this year plays out I might go for it. I definitely prefer smaller races but also well organized and fun races, which this one seems to be. Might be a winner in my book!!
  9. Seacoast Half Marathon November 2018 – I love this race because it is in my town of Portsmouth, NH and I love the course. I have run it ever since I moved here. Some years I race it and some years I run for fun. This year is a just for fun year but who knows what next year holds!

Other Races on My Mind:

  1. Philadelphia Marathon
  2. NYC Marathon – trying to qualify!
  3. Mount Desert Island Half Marathon
  4. Mount Washington Road Race
  5. A race in Colorado – not sure where
  6. A race abroad – there is a marathon in France that gives you wine while you run, dream race!


I like to use new races to try new things and see new places. That is why I get really excited about looking up races and why my lists get so long!!!

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