Chicago Training Week 11 Recap

This week I made it into the 50 mile a week range! With a little less than two months to go until Chicago now is where the training starts to pick up! 

Monday: 1 birthday mile 

Tuesday: 5.3 miles easy. Was supposed to be seven but had to fit it in at lunch and didn’t have time after so did what I could!!

Wednesday: 10 morning miles with no watch, lovely 🙂 

Thursday: 6 easy miles, 5 run on the roads and 1 on the trails with the dogs! 

Friday: 8 mile speed, 3×1 mile at 6:45, 6:35, 6:31 with .25 recovery between 

Saturday: 6 miles easy and a band workout as well as foam rolling 

Sunday: 18 miles, longest run of this cycle so far! 

Week total 54.5

Year total 1226.25 woohoo!

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