Chicago Training Week 10 Recap 

Some of you may have seen that I ran Beach to Beacon this weekend! What an amazing race. If you are considering doing it check out my Recap that I posted Saturday!

It was a bit of a cutback Week with the race but still a week of great runs. 

Monday: rest day 

Tuesday: 7.5 miles total split between morning and lunch since I slept in! 

Wednesday: 6.75 miles with 5×2 minutes hard (6:13, 6:15, 6:18, 6:00, 6:28) with 1 minute recovery and 2x 1 minute hard (6:02, 5:52), followed by some planks!

Thursday: 4.5 trails with Angela! 

Friday: 3 mile easy shakeout 

Saturday: beach 2 beacon!! 43:03 and 16th in my age group. Was a little disappointed in my time at first because I think I could have left more out there but now I am happy with it. Ready to try more 10k races in the future!!

Sunday: 9.3 easy miles 9:36 avg pace. My head wasn’t in this run so I cut it a bit short because I found myself just not wanting to run which isn’t like me, so decided to stop short and start fresh this week. 

Week total 37.25

2017 total 1171.75

Had a great weekend with my family, why do weekends go by so fast!! 

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