Beach 2 Beacon Race Recap

I love the 10k distance. Once I get over this year of marathons, I really do want to focus on shorter distances like the half marathon and 10k for a bit before I jump into any more lofty distance goals like ultras. I think my body will need a break.

Today was Beach 2 Beacon in Cape Elizabeth Maine. I have wanted to run this race since I moved to Portsmouth and heard about it! Growing up in Mass I was always a Falmouth Road Race girl and Beach to Beacon is very similar, awesome course, crowd support, extremely organized and tons of energy! I say it’s the Falmouth of Maine 🙂 The race sells out within minutes because well lets just say, I am not the only one that knows how awesome it is! This year I was lucky that my fingers moved fast enough to sign up in time for a number!!

Now for the recap. I stayed in Cape Elizabeth Friday night with my sister’s good friend from college. It was perfect, I could’t have asked for better company or a more convenient spot. Also, her family loves the race and they were all running, they had everything figured out for my sister and I, so when it came to race logistics we just followed them. It made the race so much more enjoyable when you can eliminate that stress.

We left the house at 6:30 and made the 5 minute walk from her house to Cape Elizabeth high school to hop on a shuttle. There were tons of buses lined up and we got on the first one and we were off. We arrived at the start in maybe 10 minutes. We had lots of time to spare at the start, but it was so cool to see all the runners. I honestly just took it all in and people watched a bit before hopping in the portajohn line – didn’t want to wait too long the lines can get ridiculous. Especially if a race has around 8 thousand runners!

Eventually I ran into my friend Angela Happy Fit Mama. We have quickly become running friends, spending some early mornings on local seacoast trails each week. We chatted a bit, took some pictures and started making our way closer to the start. We realized we had some time before starting so we decided to do a little warm up which really just involved running down a short trail and back. I could tell just how humid it was after that short jog. I already felt sticky. We got back to the start area and realized we couldn’t get back inside the gated area because there were too many people so we chilled on the outside in hopes that once it started we could sneak in. While waiting I ran into Live Free and Run who is just as sweet in person as she is on instagram! I hope we run into each other more often, I have to go on more runcations like her 🙂

Around 8:12 we were off, everyone in front of us started moving faster than I expected, so we got inside the gate easily. I thought I would have to walk to the start line for about 5 minutes, but I think it only took maybe 2 for everyone to move up. I quickly remembered that running popular races is in a way a lot more difficult due to the weaving you have to do in the beginning. I got boxed in a few times and was getting really frustrated. I felt like I was wasting energy trying to find ways to get around people. Initially, I was frustrated with the crowds but then I realized with larger races the benefit is the constant crown support. I never went a stretch without spectators or people cheering and that truly kept me going.

Side rant, Early into the race I saw a girl dart straight across the road to see her friends cheering on the other side and she straight up took a man out and didn’t do anything about it. She didn’t even try to weave to get to the other side she just ran right in front of everyone. Runner etiquette people! NEVER DO THAT! Or if you do, have the decency to stop and help the person up or apologize. Okay, that’s the end of that rant back to my recap. 

It was SO humid, after the first mile I was dripping in sweat, so I wasn’t sure how hard I should push. I truly wanted to hold around a 6:40-6:45 pace but with the 100% humidity I knew that may not be in the cards so I focused on effort. I honestly didn’t look at my splits I just looked at the clocks as I passed them. I tried to keep my effort comfortably hard and I think I definitely have more work to do on that because I had more left at the end, but this is a relatively new distance for me so I am still happy!  Once I started I decided to stick around a 7 minute pace for the first 2-3 then slowly pick it up if i could. My last .2 miles was a 5:37 pace and I was 16 in my division. 

Some things I loved during the race:

  • First, the entire course, beautiful!
  • Whoever was handing out bacon on the side of the road, amazing!
  • The outfits/costumes, I can’t imagine running in a speedo, props to the two dudes I saw multiple times. Gold was a nice touch!
  • The bands, especially the one playing the lion king, that really helped me up the hill.
  • The last .2 of the race. I loved the people and the area, I took the energy of the crowd and ran a 5:37 pace for the last kick…WHAT HOW?!

Outside of the actual running, what I loved:

  • All the free things, gift cards, cases of soda, sunglasses, food, etc. Lets just say I happily walked away with a box full of goodies.
  • Meeting up with friends
  • Watching other people finish and seeing the emotion on their faces
  • the organization of the whole event, it was basically flawless and I know A LOT of work goes in. So thank you volunteers and everyone planning such an awesome event!

Fingers crossed this race becomes a tradition! 

Happy Sunday everyone!! 


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