Chicago Training Week 9 Recap 

Today concludes running for the month of July. I finished this month with my highest mileage in a while 198.85 miles and 43 this week. 

Monday: rest day with a quick strength routine including ball exercises, band exercises and planks! 

Tuesday: 7.5 miles east with the last .5 as drills 

Wednesday: 7.5 miles speed- 2 minutes on (6:40) 2 minutes off (7:25) x 6 

Thursday: rest day because of rain, yoga with my mom 

Friday: 7 miles easy and a waterski 

Saturday: 40 minutes yoga with both my parents, 5 miles easy and hip routine 

Sunday: 16 miles at 8:18 pace, 6 mile warm up, 6 miles at goal marathon pace 7:36, 7:25, 7:23, 7:13, 7:14, 7:18, 4 mile cool down! 

Week 43 

2017 total 1134.5

July total 198.85 

Hoping to ramp up my mileage more in August! 


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