Chicago Training Week 8 Recap 

This week was another hot one so I altered my workouts a bit and made one an easy run instead of a tempo! 

Monday: rest day! 

Tuesday: 8 miles total, 5 in the morning with an Instagram friend and 3 more at lunch! 

Wednesday: 5.8 miles with 6x.5 speed (6:34, 6:32, 6:35, 6:33, 6:38, 6:50) it was SO hot I was surprised I made it through all of them. 

Thursday: 7 total, 3.75 at lunch and it was too hot so waited until the evening and added 3.25 more. 

Friday: supposed to be speed but did 7.5 miles easy. The day before was very hot to the point where I felt terrible post run so my body did not have the energy for a tempo! 

Saturday: 5 miles of trails with the dogs! 

Sunday: 10 miles with Angela and 4 miles solo! Ran through York, it was beautiful!

Weekly total 47.3

2017 total 1091.5

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