Chicago Training Recap Week 6

Today concludes Week 6 of my Chicago Marathon training and guess what!? I reached 1000 miles so far this year! 

This week started off kind of tough. I was in Maine, way up in the middle of nowhere, but a beautiful place, for the Fourth of July. The only road I could run on was dirt, rocky, hilly and had potential for wildlife. Aka no houses around after a certain point and no people. So it was tough to get my runs in but I did what I could. I also think the change in service hurt my foot a bit because it is feeling better now that I have returned to Portsmouth and pavement!

Monday: Rest! Relaxed by the lake in Maine and read some books 🙂 

Tuesday: Had 7 scheduled but managed 3. My foot was really hurting so I called it. My pup also got a fish hook stuck in her nose so there was a lot of drama that day!

Wednesday: 7 mile tempo- 20 minutes at 7:10-7:20 5 minute recovery then 20 minutes at 7:00-7:15. I was a little off on paces due to the terrain 🙂 

Thursday: 3.7 miles at lunch with friends and 3.3 miles at home with myself and after some great chips! 

Friday: 8 mile fartlek at the gym due to rain – 10 minute warm up 10 minutes at 7:15 pace, 4x 3 minutes at 6:30 pace with 2 minute recovery jog between, 2×1 minute at 6:00 pace with 2 minute recovery jog between, cool down to 8! 

Saturday: 5.3 mile walk jog with my sister. 8 minutes running, 2 minutes walking 

Sunday: 16 miles before 8 am! Foot felt good the whole time! 

Weekly total: 47.05

2017 total: 1000.7 miles 

My sister visited this weekend and we had a great time together! We also saw my parents in Portland, overall a satisfying weekend filled with smiles:) 

I hope you all had a great weekend!! 


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