“Congratulations Coach”

At the start of 2017 I decided I wanted to look into being a running coach.


Let’s back up a bit in case you don’t know me very well. I am a crazy runner, yes that’s true, but I am also a twin, a daughter, a girlfriend, a dog mom, a corporate worker, a GOTR coach. I love helping people. This includes motivating them and getting them to see what they are capable of, what I see they are capable of. I definitely always see the best in people to, debatable on whether that is a good or bad thing about me. Overall good, I would say. Besides all of those things, I prefer to be busy. I don’t like to be bored, but everything I am involved in I try to do to the best of my ability. I say try, because we all know sometimes we are a better friend than coworker, or a better runner than a coach. We all go through periods where our focus is more heavily on something else. I will admit, right now my focus has all been on running and coaching, as well as my day job. Recently I made myself a schedule so I can be a better friend, girlfriend and dog mom, because all of those things matter to me and they were falling into the cracks. So now you know I am involved in a lot, but I love everything I do 🙂

Okay, back to the coaching. So in January 2017 I decided I wanted to look into being a coach, but then everyone said don’t look into it just do it. There is no time like the present. I decided to start coaching my friends, if they were willing. They loved my plans. I started reading book after book, everything amazon recommended to me I wanted to buy. I volunteered as a Girls on the Run Coach and fell in love with that program. Hands down if I have daughters I will sign them up, even if I have to coach to get them there every day, even I need to hear those lessons as an adult. Anyway before I knew it I was coaching friends, and people were asking me to coach them. I wasn’t certified yet by RRCA or USATF so I decided to start coaching once I took the class. I established an LLC and created my blog, in hopes that some people would find it interesting enough to read. I still don’t know how so many people follow me on instagram, I don’t find myself that interesting! I started advertising that I would begin coaching in July 2017 and before I knew it I had athletes wanting me to coach them, me! It felt like a dream come true.

This past week I sent in everything I needed for RRCA and passed the exam, the following day I received the “Congratulations Coach” email and couldn’t help but smile. It feels like yesterday that I thought about looking into coaching, now I was doing it. I just dove right in. This is just one step in the direction I want to go in but now I want to keep learning. I have a stack of books I still want to read, I want to also take the USATF certification class – maybe in the fall. I think it would also be awesome to become a certified personal trainer, but we will see where life takes me. Right now coaching is for fun, it isn’t about money, it’s about helping people continue to love running and helping them reach their goals at the same time. It honestly lights a fire in me that translates into other areas of my life and I believe, makes me a better person.

I could stay up all night making training plans for people or creating new workout ideas, I am weird I know. I am constantly brainstorming new ideas for my business. It excites me and that’s all that matters. My athletes make me happy, I love seeing their progress and talking running with them. It’s rewarding and I can’t wait to see where Run With Jules goes.



Some of my beliefs as a coach and a runner

I believe a lot of people put artificial limits on themselves and what they are capable of.

I think for hard workouts, people can push a lot harder than they think, it’s about getting outside your comfort zone.

Tempo runs, to me, are the secret to success, oh and strides.

Don’t just run, strength training and other exercises will help your running!

Listen to yourself, know when to take a step back. A training plan is just that, a plan, missing one day or one mile will not sabotage your overall goal, it may even help you depending on what’s going on.


If you are interested in learning more about my coaching, feel free to connect with me through my blog or email me at runwithjulescoaching@gmail.com!



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