Chicago Marathon Week 4 Recap

This week was the first time in a while I hit 40 miles, woo! It was a busy week and a hot one. I always need to remind myself in the summer to cut myself some slack. Heat adds time to your normal paces, so give yourself a break. Don’t feel like a failure when you can’t hit the splits assigned by your coach on a super hot day, because you aren’t a failure!! 

Here is what my week looked like. 

Monday: rest day, my favorite! 

Tuesday: 7 miles with strides – super humid out. Followed the run with 5 minutes of planks, hydrants, clamshells, leg lifts and bridges. Targeting those hamstrings and glutes! 

Wednesday: 7 mile fartlek. This was HARD. Workout was 12 minute warm up followed by 2 min on (6:30-6:40) and 2 min off (7:15-7:30) six times through. 

Thursday: trails with Angela! About 3.3 miles that were just what I needed. Sometimes I need to get away from the roads. 

Friday: 6.4 mile tempo – 4 miles at lactate threshold (6:40-7:05). Actual splits 6:42, 6:51, 6:56, 7:14 – died in the last mile. It was 80% humidity and I thought I was going to pass out. I followed it with some planks, hydrants and bridges and foam rolling! 

Saturday: 5 miles east before I headed to Maine! 

Sunday: 12 miles easy but boring because I just did loops around my neighborhood in Maine! I don’t like running particularly early on the roads in Maine, there isn’t much out there haha. 

Week total – 41

2017 – 909.15

Have a great week! Anyone have fun plans for the 4th?!

– Jules 

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