Chicago Training Week 3

I have slowly eased back into a training cycle for Chicago. Yes I ran Vermont City but I really rode off of my Napa training for it and gave myself a break mentally. I let myself move workouts or switch them and just run for fun and enjoyment basically. It’s been kind of hard getting out of that mindset, but I am hoping it will just take a few weeks to really be focused again! 

This past weekend I did the RRCA certification class, it was awesome. Randy is hysterical! I really can’t wait to put what I learned to use. However, since it was 8-5 every day I am dragging today! I really wish I could sleep in some day soon, this may be a long week. 

For my training this week I ran 6 days and 34.5 total miles. I was supposed to reach 40 but with the certification class I had trouble fitting everything in! 

Monday: rest day, arch exercises 

Tuesday: 5 HOT miles, arch exercises and planks 

Wednesday: 5.25 lunch miles with friends, arch exercises, planks, band exercises and deadlifts 

Thursday: 7 mile fartlek- 10 mins at 7:45, 2 min rest, 8 mins at 7:30, 2 min rest, 6 mins at 7:15, 2 min rest, 4 mins at 7:00, cool down. Plus planks, hydrants, arches! 

Friday: 5 lunch miles in Kingston, my hometown! 

Saturday: 2 miles after RRCA class, was supposed to be six but glad I did something! 

Sunday: for redemption I woke up early for my progression run, it was so humid I died but tried my best. It was planned to be eleven miles starting at 9:00 and ending at 6:40. I did 9 miles with a cool down 9:05 8:31 8:20 8:23 8:02 8:10 7:30 7:23 7:06 9:00 overall based on my effort I am happy with this! 

Week total 34.5

2017 total 868.15

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