Needing Support 

It’s nice to have support as a runner. A friend, significant other, family member, coach, anyone really. Someone who supports your dreams and believes you are capable of anything you set your mind to. Someone who wants to go to your races to watch you do what you love! I could go on for hours about this, but today I am talking literal support.

These were my people all through high school running! 

Lately my arch has been bothering me. It’s not hurting it’s just acting weird. It doesn’t hurt when I run and it doesn’t hurt when I am not running, it just feels like it needs more support. This could be for so many reasons, but I knew I had to switch things up to avoid injury. I bought some oofos sandals to wear after runs and as much as possible. They are amazing it’s like walking on clouds and I already notice a difference because of them. 

Next, I started doing arch strengthening exercises twice a day. I want to strengthen the muscles around my arch. My routine currently entails. 

1. Heel drops- standing on a stair I drop my heel down below and then bring it back up, I do this ten times and repeat three times through 

2. Calf raises- stand flat footed and then go up onto your toes and back down, ten times through repeated three times 

3. Doming – i didn’t know what this was before. You are standing with your feet flat with heels digging into the floor, you push your toes into the ground while arching your foot do ten times each foot, repeat three times through 

4. Towel crunch – this one I LOVE. You put a towel on the floor, step on it and use your toes to scrunch it up and then try to flatten it back out, repeat for other foot and do three times through for both feet. 

5. Planks- I am a strong believer in planks keep the doctor away, so trying to get back to my daily planks!

Even just doing these simple exercises I notice a difference! Before I was using a lacrosse ball to roll along my foot and stretch it out but I think it irritated it more than helped it, so I went with a different approach. I am also considering getting fitted for inserts as soon as possible! 

I have recently taken a lot of time off between Iceland and the week after the marathon so I am not sure why this is popping up now. I honestly think it’s my hoka shoes and a combination of my work shoes being really worn out in the support department. I am ditching my hokas which I wore at least three times a week on runs, adding in my exercises, adding in more strength, adding in supportive shoes and hoping it clears up. Definitely don’t want to be sidelined for Chicago training so at this point I am proceeding with caution for my runs! 

Anyway we all have nagging ailments sometimes and it’s hard to determine the line between uncomfortable and injury. At this point I know I am not injury but I want to keep it that way!!! Runners are most happy running, so I want to make sure I can do that!

One thought on “Needing Support 

  1. Ahhh girl, I feel ya. I had to get customized orthotics for my running and they have saved my life. You might want to consider purchasing a foot wheel and roll it over your troubled areas of your arch. I would use the wheel every day and it strengthens the tendons in your foot. Also, deep massaging out your calves are key! It took me awhile to get back to running without foot pain, but these remedies seemed to be helpful for me. Might be worth a shot! Good luck girl👍


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