Staying Outside my Comfort Zone 

Outside of last year, I would say with running I largely stayed in my comfort zone. Well, disregarding also my high school track days. When I got to road running I just ran and thought that was all there was to it. It took me a long time to even realize there is a lot more to running then just going out and running if you are aiming for that PR. Each run has a purpose. Instead I would just go out and try to hit the same pace for every run. Clearly I burnt out and fast I might add, just in time for my race!

Over the past year I now understand each run has a purpose, not all are fast and not all are slow. There is variety, we need variety to keep improving. I feel comfortable with this now, I trust it. I don’t have a hard time keeping easy days easy because I know those hard days have paces I previously didn’t think I could ever hit! It’s funny because I look forward to those workouts now, those unimaginable ones that scare you when you first read them. The ones you have to mentally prepare for the night before and go to sleep telling yourself you can do. 

I have learned to love being pushed outside my comfort zone. 

For this upcoming training cycle, this will mean largely the paces. I quickly realized that if I wanted to run at my goal, I would need a coach because I would have a hard time writing those paces down for workouts. They would scare me! I would give myself a buffer or an out. However, if someone else also knows and believes I have those paces in me, that motivates me, that pushes me to dig deep. 

I am excited to see what workouts and paces this training cycle brings. I also want to work on fueling, strength, foam rolling and walking more frequently this training cycle. I did monthly this time so that I wouldn’t constantly look ahead and my coach and I can adjust as I go and see how it works for me. I feel as though I could run the marathon for years and not get tired of it. There are so many awesome races put on! 

However, lately I am thinking 2018 needs something new to keep me on my toes and keep me out of my comfort zone. I truly believe trying new distances, terrain, training methods will only make me a better runner. So I definitely will be running Boston next year but I am leaning towards using it as a training run for my first ultra in May!!! Even typing this scares me because I never thought I could go farther than 26.2 miles, but now it’s all I have been thinking about! 

Anyone heard of Pineland Farms Trail Running Festival? 

I am looking for reviews and other people’s experiences! I am thinking of the 50k or the 50 mile race! 🙂 

– Jules 

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