Wow – My new go to for cute, affordable running clothes – Senita!

Attention, I LOVE Senita! I am not just saying that. I have bought multiple products from them and each time I become a happier customer.

The majority of my running bottoms are black. I have been in search of quality patterned leggings for some time now. I either don’t like the prints, the price, the material or they don’t pass the squat test. You know what I am talking about 🙂

Anyway, a few months ago I noticed Senita Athletics on Instagram. I thought okay I will give this a shot, their clothes look super cute, but with my luck they probably won’t be affordable. Immediately I loved the patterns and wanted to put one of everything in my cart. Was that too extreme? I didn’t think so. Especially because here comes the best part, the legging prices are all less than $40 dollars and you can usually find a 10% discount from Instagram (hint check out the bottom of this post!!!). I am now on my second pair of leggings and basically have to hold myself back from buying a new pair every day.

Let’s get more into the details, besides affordability. First of all the material is amazing. You will find yourself stroking your leg regularly. At least I do, I can’t stop touching the material. They are a nylon, spandex blend and all my leggings in the past have been more of a polyester blend that makes me feel really hot when working out. These leggings are breathable and fit like a glove.

Next, the high waist. It goes just high enough that I feel completely comfortable and everything stays in place when I run. I don’t have to hike up my leggings mid-run, which is essential. Nothing ruins a run like continuously hiking up your pants!

Another concern of mine, especially with patterned leggings, are they see through? Is the rest of the gym eyeing me doing squats and lunges like why is she wearing those in public and I just have no clue? The answer is no! I tested these and they are squat approved!

To top it all off, there are pockets. Who doesn’t like pockets? I would add pockets to everything if I had a say. The side pockets in these capris perfectly fit your cell phone so you don’t have to worry about carrying it in your hand. It is also easy to take out and put back in while running, which is key. I hate slowing down because I got my phone stuck in my pocket again and someone is calling me or my alarms are going off!

Besides the functionality all being in place, I can’t get enough of the pattern. I find myself looking at my legs all day because I love the design. Honestly, if I haven’t convinced you to try them out now, I don’t know who will!

That’s just the pants, now for the top. I have always wanted a loose tank for summer runs. I hate being hot, I always want air flow or some sort of breeze. This tank is perfect, at keeping you cool and looking super fashionable! I have been eyeing this shirt for a while and now I want every color. Your sports bra is slightly visible so you can wear fun colors and patterns to bring a little extra to your running outfit!

At first I was nervous it was going to be too tight and the fit would be off, but I got a size small and was immediately impressed. It is a soft stretchy material and tag less! I will definitely be living in this for my summer runs. Next on my list is the grey color!

If you would like to join my obsession with Senita, use my custom code jules10 for a 10% discount off all products in the shop until June 7th!

*photo credit to my awesome friend and running parter, Kailey Ingerman!

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