Vermont City Training Week Recap 9 & 10

There is nothing too exciting to report for my last two weeks since I was in Iceland, but I did manage to get some mileage in! 

Monday: Girls on the Run practice 5k! 

Tuesday:  last workout before leaving for Iceland! 8 mile speed workout, 4×1 mile (6:49, 6:40, 6:48, 6:57). Followed by 2 minutes of planks and hydrants. 

Wednesday – Friday: exploring Iceland with no running! 

Saturday: ran to a glacier, 2.7 miles easy. 

Sunday: ran around a track in town, 3.8 easy. 

Total for the week – 14.5! 

Monday: run in lake myvatn, 3 miles. 

Tuesday – Thursday: no running, just enjoying Iceland! 

Friday: 7 mile run in Reykjavik, explored the gardens and running paths around the campsite! 

Saturday: 4.5 miles easy in Portsmouth, yay! Warm up and cool down with my pup because she put on some vacation weight 🙂 

Sunday: 11 miles, 10 miles by myself and warm up with kailey for her run! Lyla joined me again for a warm up and cool down. We also did lots of waking. 

Total for the week- 25.4 

2017 total – 762.9

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