Vermont City Training Week 8 Recap

This week was a busy week but a good one. I was running everywhere, preparing for my trip to Iceland tomorrow!! This is probably considered my “peak week” since I might run a few miles here and there if possible in Iceland but I am not going to try to fit in my normal miles especially since I will be camping 🙂 

Monday: Rest day, 3 mile walk/jog at girls on the run 

Tuesday: 6 miles easy 

Wednesday: 5.5 miles at lunch, 20 minutes with lyla and some of my lunch crew, then did 2 more easy miles at night

Thursday: 10 tempo miles, it was hard to get in the rhythm, first two were 8:00, 7:30, then I took a break and did 7:23, 7:15, 7:18, 7:19. I needed that break to get out of my own head. Finished up with some strength exercises- hydrants, deadlifts, hamstring ball exercises, squats, lunges, clamshells and planks 

Friday: 4.75 miles easy in the rain and a 3 minute plank. Something is better than nothing! 

Saturday: 4 really easy miles and a 5 minute plank. 

Sunday: 14 miles total. I was going to do some tempo miles but settled on just aiming for hard effort whatever that pace may be for the day, ended up being around 7:30’s which I was happy with. Had to add some breaks due to stomach aches and bringing some dogs along for the ride! Ended the day with some strength exercises and some foam rolling 🙂 

Week total- 46.25

Year total- 723 

Happy Monday!! 

– Jules 

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