Why I need and will always want a Coach

In a month, I will be taking the RRCA certification class to be a coach. Even though I want to be a coach to other runners, I still always want to have my own coach. Initially, when I was first considering starting a small coaching business thoughts like, “How can I coach other people when I need a coach myself?” went through my head. Then I realized, that shouldn’t be seen as a downfall. I don’t even know if people do see it like that or if it is just how I think about it. Coaching yourself is hard and being able to admit that you need someone else’s help is also hard. I realized that in order to reach my full potential or at least have a chance, I needed a coach. Someone who could push me past the limits I set on myself, and someone to hold me accountable, but also cheer me on and support me.

In the past six months I have seen more improvement in my running than I ever thought possible. Last year if you asked me if I thought I could ever run a 1:3x half, I would have said no. If you asked me if I thought I could BQ by over ten minutes, I also would have said no. It’s not that I didn’t believe in myself, I just didn’t think I would see those results so quickly. The reason I did have so much progress is because I trained smart, and my coach pushed me in ways I wouldn’t have thought to push myself.

So here are the reasons why I need and will always want a coach.

  1.  Accountability. When I am in charge of my workouts, I become a lot more flexible and am not as determined to fit it into my schedule. I will sleep in and not wake up early to run, even when I know I can’t fit my run in any other time. When someone else gives me workouts, this is not the case. I practically jump out of bed in the morning!
  2. Support. When I feel overworked  in regards to running or my job, over-stressed or just plain tired, my coach is the first one to tell me to take a day off. Sometimes I get so invested in my training and have such large goals I can’t step back and see when I need a break, or when a day off would help me not hurt me. That is why I need a coach, an outside perspective, a voice of reason.
  3. Push me Outside my Comfort Zone. This one I surprisingly realized recently. I attempted to make my training plan for Chicago just for practice and I found myself giving bigger buffers to tempo/speed workouts or making them a little slower. I told myself I was being realistic, but really I was having trouble seeing my own potential. At that moment I knew I needed someone else to push me harder than I would push myself! I needed someone to write down paces that intimidated me at first glance. I noticed that the magic really happens when I attempt workouts outside my comfort zone. I end up having breakthroughs where I realize I can do hard things and achieve times that originally seem impossible!
  4. Believing in ME. What is better than having someone who believes in you as much if not more than you believe in yourself? That really sets me up for success, it motivates me to strive to be my absolute best.
  5. Outside Perspective. Someone who can be your rationale, keep you training smart, prevent you from running too fast or too far too soon while keeping your goals in view. If I were training myself I think I would fall victim to feeling like I always should be running more and if I acted on that I would end up injured, most likely. It’s a weight off my shoulders when I can put all my trust in the process and someone else’s plan for me.


These are my reasons why I need and want a coach as I keep striving for all my running goals. You may have other reasons or some of the same, we are all different, but some of us are going after similar goals.

If you don’t have a coach and read this and think hmm maybe I should consider one, feel free to reach out to me! I did not write this to advocate for myself, these are honest reasons, but I would still be happy to talk to you.



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