Vermont City Marathon Week 7 Recap 

After racing harder than I planned last weekend I gave myself a cutback Week. My hamstring was sore after my race so I told myself I wouldn’t run until it felt 100%. I stretched, rolled and iced and after two days off my gait was back to Normal and it felt fine. Regardless, I decided all my miles this week would be easy. 

Monday: 3 mile walk with lyla 

Tuesday: 4.5 mile walks with lyla. Rest, ice and rolling.

Wednesday: 3.7 miles easy with no hamstring pain!

Thursday: 6 miles easy and 20 minutes of strength. For strength i did a 4 minute plank, clamshell variations, leg lift variations, bridges, hydrants and hamstring ball exercises. Followed by a 1.5 mile walk with lyla.

Friday: 7 muggy am miles and 3 lunch miles for a total of 10!

Saturday: 5 miles easy, 2 mile walk with lyla, 5 minute plank, one legged deadlifts, band exercises – standing lift leg to the side, front, back and across, squat with band and shuffle, wide leg walk, hydrants and bridges. 

Sunday: 15 miles easy, 2 mile walk with lyla, 15 minutes yoga stretches, variations of squats, lunges and push-ups. 

Weekly total- 39.7

2017 total- 676.75

Now I am kicking off my last full week of training before heading to Iceland where I may or may not run! So I am determined to get a good week in:) 

– Jules 

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