Vermont City Marathon Recap 2017

I LOVED this race. I wasn’t sure going in because I got the impression you either hate it or love it. I also only ran up to 14 miles for a long run and 40 miles a week since Napa in March, so I didn’t know if I could keep up with my sister’s goals. She said she didn’t have a time goal because of her IT band but I knew she was still hoping to cross that line under or close to 4 hours! 

Race Morning

Megan and I woke up at 5am and ate some breakfast. She had toast with peanut butter and jelly and I had an English muffin with peanut butter. I am working on eating before races because in the past I never have. A little before 6 we headed to the start, we parked closer to downtown so our journey back wouldn’t be as long. We knew ahead of time we would most likely be struggling 🙂 

We headed to Battery Park and I was impressed with the start line. I could already tell this race was very well organized. I was also able to meet a few Instagram friends at the start which was so much fun! 

This year they changed the start to 7am so we only had about 45 minutes at the start. I love early morning starts, so I was happy about this change! Before I had time to truly get nervous, we were off! 


I checked out marathon pace bands, which I love because it is specific to the course itself. I need variation in miles I don’t like going out thinking I have to hit 9:00 every mile, I like fluctuation for hills and harder sections. This was the pace band I was attempting to follow for megan. 

Miles 1-4

The first few miles it was easy to slow down because there were so many other runners but hard because of the crowd support! My sister and I had a goal of not tripping these first miles because we knew we would probably be trampled! At mile two we passed my sisters house, if it was mile 22 she definitely would have just walked up her steps into her apt 🙂 

Miles 4-8 

The next four miles were so difficult. It was an out and back on the Burlington Beltline. It wasn’t the fact that it was an out and back that made it hard. It was the road cadence that made my sister and I struggle. We tried to find the flat portions so that her knees wouldn’t hurt and my hip wouldn’t. I was grateful this portion was early on because there was absolutely no shade!! At this point I was taking water at every stop because I knew it was going to be a hot one. 

Mile 8-16

These were some of my favorite miles! We went down church street and then pine street where we saw a bunch of Megan’s friends. It was hard to keep the pace slow because of all the cheering, but the neighborhoods near oakledge park helped to slow us down because there are some hills in there. We passed the halfway point just under 2 hours as planned! Mile 15 was a bit tough because it was straight up batter street which is a hill, but I felt strong. I realized I love having some slight rolling hills in a course because the variation helps me feel strong and mix things up. I think this was the last portion of the race where we really felt good 😉 

Mile 16-22

In all marathons, I think mile 17-20 is by far the most difficult. Your body starts to seriously hurt in ways you didn’t know it could and at this point you have a choice do you give in or see what you are made of? I knew this was going to be a hard part for megan. Especially when you are injured to start, your body is wrecked even if you go in healthy, so at this point you have a hard time determining where the pain is coming from. 

Anyway after we got through battery hill, we were supposed to start increasing our pace but I could tell that was going to be hard to do. This portion also had very little shade and we went into a few neighborhoods. The neighborhoods helped so much because everyone had their own aid stations! It was amazing, people were handing out ice pops and had their own water stands and hoses set up. They made their own aid station signs and had music and bands playing. Yes the race had organized the same things but I loved that these people just decided to do this on their own and they loved it. I was so appreciative of everyone in these neighborhoods, I took every freeze pop, maple syrup and water. 

I could tell megan needed this because the road stretches at this point were hot and boring and you really got in your own head. At around mile 18 she tried to walk and I didn’t let her. I was worried her whole IT band would just seize up once she stopped and she would end up not crossing the finish. At this point I put all paces out the window I was just going to try to keep her running. I knew she could still meet her goal because I knew she could run the paces but I didn’t know if she would get in her own way. That’s the thing with marathons, it’s more than a race. 

Mile 22-26

We finally reached the bike path and the shade!! We also got passed by the 4 hour pace group at this point and I told megan we could try to stay with them for a mile and see if we could keep it up until the end or ease back if it wasn’t in the cards. We didn’t stay with them long so then we made goals to catch some people. We caught a couple and I ran a little ahead of megan in hopes that she would try to keep up with my pace so I didn’t slow to hers and keep slowing. I looked over my shoulder repeatedly to see if she was still only a few steps behind and she was. I also saw a little chocolate puppy on this portion, so adorable!!! When we got to a little under two miles left I realized megan could still do this but she would have to dig deep. I asked her what she wanted to do and she basically just said survive and I told her that was fine, but I pushed the pace anyway because I don’t think she realized just how little was left. We got to a half mile out and had 4 minutes to make it to the finish I knew we could do it. 

Megan was staying with me when we hit the chute, which was awesome. There were people everywhere cheering, you couldn’t help but go faster. We looked up at the clock and it said 4:00:41 and I knew that there was a chance out actual time was less than four hours! Sure enough 3:59:49 was our official time, we did it!! 

Post race 

We hung out around the med tent and finish line for a bit and watched people cross the line. It was awesome, I love watching the emotion in everyone’s faces as they cross, it always makes me tear up. There is something about the distance that brings people together. I never regret a race even if I don’t PR because it’s always a remarkable experience. 

Next up is Chicago training, but until then easy running! I have been playing with the idea of potentially trying an ultra next year and using Boston as a training run… we shall see!!! 

Wow – My new go to for cute, affordable running clothes – Senita!

Attention, I LOVE Senita! I am not just saying that. I have bought multiple products from them and each time I become a happier customer.

The majority of my running bottoms are black. I have been in search of quality patterned leggings for some time now. I either don’t like the prints, the price, the material or they don’t pass the squat test. You know what I am talking about 🙂

Anyway, a few months ago I noticed Senita Athletics on Instagram. I thought okay I will give this a shot, their clothes look super cute, but with my luck they probably won’t be affordable. Immediately I loved the patterns and wanted to put one of everything in my cart. Was that too extreme? I didn’t think so. Especially because here comes the best part, the legging prices are all less than $40 dollars and you can usually find a 10% discount from Instagram (hint check out the bottom of this post!!!). I am now on my second pair of leggings and basically have to hold myself back from buying a new pair every day.

Let’s get more into the details, besides affordability. First of all the material is amazing. You will find yourself stroking your leg regularly. At least I do, I can’t stop touching the material. They are a nylon, spandex blend and all my leggings in the past have been more of a polyester blend that makes me feel really hot when working out. These leggings are breathable and fit like a glove.

Next, the high waist. It goes just high enough that I feel completely comfortable and everything stays in place when I run. I don’t have to hike up my leggings mid-run, which is essential. Nothing ruins a run like continuously hiking up your pants!

Another concern of mine, especially with patterned leggings, are they see through? Is the rest of the gym eyeing me doing squats and lunges like why is she wearing those in public and I just have no clue? The answer is no! I tested these and they are squat approved!

To top it all off, there are pockets. Who doesn’t like pockets? I would add pockets to everything if I had a say. The side pockets in these capris perfectly fit your cell phone so you don’t have to worry about carrying it in your hand. It is also easy to take out and put back in while running, which is key. I hate slowing down because I got my phone stuck in my pocket again and someone is calling me or my alarms are going off!

Besides the functionality all being in place, I can’t get enough of the pattern. I find myself looking at my legs all day because I love the design. Honestly, if I haven’t convinced you to try them out now, I don’t know who will!

That’s just the pants, now for the top. I have always wanted a loose tank for summer runs. I hate being hot, I always want air flow or some sort of breeze. This tank is perfect, at keeping you cool and looking super fashionable! I have been eyeing this shirt for a while and now I want every color. Your sports bra is slightly visible so you can wear fun colors and patterns to bring a little extra to your running outfit!

At first I was nervous it was going to be too tight and the fit would be off, but I got a size small and was immediately impressed. It is a soft stretchy material and tag less! I will definitely be living in this for my summer runs. Next on my list is the grey color!

If you would like to join my obsession with Senita, use my custom code jules10 for a 10% discount off all products in the shop until June 7th!

*photo credit to my awesome friend and running parter, Kailey Ingerman!

Vermont City Training Week Recap 9 & 10

There is nothing too exciting to report for my last two weeks since I was in Iceland, but I did manage to get some mileage in! 

Monday: Girls on the Run practice 5k! 

Tuesday:  last workout before leaving for Iceland! 8 mile speed workout, 4×1 mile (6:49, 6:40, 6:48, 6:57). Followed by 2 minutes of planks and hydrants. 

Wednesday – Friday: exploring Iceland with no running! 

Saturday: ran to a glacier, 2.7 miles easy. 

Sunday: ran around a track in town, 3.8 easy. 

Total for the week – 14.5! 

Monday: run in lake myvatn, 3 miles. 

Tuesday – Thursday: no running, just enjoying Iceland! 

Friday: 7 mile run in Reykjavik, explored the gardens and running paths around the campsite! 

Saturday: 4.5 miles easy in Portsmouth, yay! Warm up and cool down with my pup because she put on some vacation weight 🙂 

Sunday: 11 miles, 10 miles by myself and warm up with kailey for her run! Lyla joined me again for a warm up and cool down. We also did lots of waking. 

Total for the week- 25.4 

2017 total – 762.9

We all need training & mental breaks -Iceland!

I got back at 11 pm Friday from Iceland. It was amazing. I don’t even think a photo can do the country’s beauty justice. I went into the trip with no expectations regarding running. If I fit in time for a run, great, if I didn’t, oh well. Vermont is just for fun anyway so I didn’t want to stress about working out during my vacation. Besides we all need breaks from running and training and so far this year I didn’t give myself much of one!

I am glad I went in with this mentality because the weather in Iceland is intense and changes quickly, so I didn’t completely register that running might not BE possible. The day we arrived in Reykjavik there were wind storms in the South so they told us we wouldn’t be able to get very far because they would be closing the roads. It was also raining. I thought to myself, what did I get myself into, this is intense… Regardless, we picked up the RV and headed to some sights in the Golden Circle, which is close to Reykjavik.

First stop Thingvellir National Park. This is actually the site of Iceland’s parliament from the 10th and 18th centuries. We were also able to walk through a valley formed from two tectonic plates separating, pretty cool!


Second stop Gullfoss Waterfall. Let me tell you about Gullfoss, this was the first time we almost blew away and almost lost a car door. Wind in Iceland is no joke! I wanted a picture so badly but honestly we almost didn’t make it from the parking lot. We had to bend over to walk and the wind was constantly whipping dirt and sand at you. If you stood up you felt like you were going to blow away, but just like everything in Iceland, the view was worth it!


We also drove past the Geysir, but had a long day so we didn’t stop. We headed to Selfoss to camp for the night!

Day 2 started with the Secret Lagoon hot spring! The sun even came out which we were pleasantly surprised about!


The first waterfall of the day was Seljalandsfoss, which was my favorite waterfall. You can walk all around it! If you walk further up the path you also find a second waterfall, which if you wear rain boots like Greg did you can walk in and see!


Next stop Skogafoss, which is one of Iceland’s biggest waterfalls!


We also made a lot of random stops throughout the day because in Iceland you want to take pictures of everything!


We stopped for the night in Vik, which is supposed to have some awesome attractions, but unfortunately we were there for a crazy wind storm. I mean our camper was rocking the whole night and I was awake thinking about how much I would have to pay if the camper rolled over in the night. It was rain and wind so we basically stopped for the night and didn’t get out of the car, which I was a little sad about because I saw so many beautiful pictures of Vik while planning the trip, but you can’t control the weather that’s for sure!


Day 3 started with us trying to get out of Vik as fast as we could to escape the wind! We knew if we went inland a bit the wind would get much better. We also were trying to beat some of the road closures because we didn’t want to be stuck there another night.

My favorite stop of the day was fjaðrárgljúfur canyon it was off of ring road down a bumpy gravel road, we weren’t 100% sure we were supposed to drive down but it was so worth it! Absolutely gorgeous!


Then we headed to Skaftafell Nature Reserve and we hit a road block so we had to pull over for a bit and wait for the road to open, perfect time for a nap! Once it opened we headed to the Skaftafell Campsite for the night, which was gorgeous. You could see the mountains from the camper and it was a short walk or morning run to the glacier itself. I saw my first glacier!


Day 4 consisted of a lot of driving up the East Coast of Iceland. We encountered a lot of fog so we didn’t stop for many sites, but it was still beautiful! I know you might be tired of hearing that 🙂

I would recommend stopping at Jökulsárlón a glacier lagoon! We couldn’t see very far because of the fog, but we still noticed how blue the glaciers in the lake were!

We drove to Egilsstadir for the night and weren’t sure if we liked the campsite so I directed Greg to another campsite over a mountain on the coast. We drove up and into the snow, past a snowblower and didn’t think anything of it. We parked at the campsite and I decided to look at the weather, it said 5-8 inches of snow overnight… I told Greg we better go back because I didn’t want to go over a mountain in an RV through snow. He agreed and we packed up and went back to Egilsstadir for the night. It proved to be a great location and free since it was still not “open” but everything was on. Here we encountered out first plumbing issue. Greg noticed the sink was leaking, so as any guy would he decided to fix it without tools…next thing I know I hear water pouring out. He completely broke it! The next morning we had to stop at the Europcar and explain, they didn’t have the part so they stuck a glue stick in it until we got to a bigger town, they were so nice!

Day 5 Detifoss the most powerful waterfall in Europe and its sister waterfall which I found prettier. The sun started coming out for us on Day 5!


Next stop Námaskarð Hot Springs which has bubbling mud pools and steaming fumaroles !


And Dimmuborgir lava formations where I got us sufficiently lost and Greg realized he should have studied geology because he spent forever examining rocks.


We found a campsite that overlooked Lake Myvatn for the night. It was probably overall my favorite campsite for the view and because we had awesome weather, finally!

Day 6, the weather was still nice! Woke up to sun so I went for a quick run up the trails behind the campsite and got lost so it turned into me just sprinting back until I knew where I was. Disclaimer, there are almost no trees in Iceland so its hard to lose your sense of direction but I still freaked out a bit.


First stop, Mývatn Naturebaths. We went the first day they switched to summer hours, so they opened at 9 instead of 12. We got there at 10 and basically had the hot springs to ourselves. The sky was blue it was 50 degrees out and it seemed like you could see all of Iceland from the pools. Definitely one of my all time favorites from the trip. I did leave my ring on which turned black, but although they do warn you it will change your jewelry black, they don’t say it turns back to normal. For the day I thought I ruined it!


Next stop, some cave from Game of Thrones that has water in it, I forget the name. Can you tell I watch Game of Thrones? haha

Then we went to Hverfjall crater, which had an amazing view of the entire lake from the rim. I also saw someone run the rim, which I wish I had thought of! We found out after you can walk down into the crater and walk around the center circle, but I am kind of glad I didn’t know because the walk up the side of the crater was hard enough!


After that we continued our journey around the rest of the lake. It is a beautiful lake and a very popular region in Iceland for tourists, but definitely not like the lakes you see in New England. I think the overall lack of trees really got me.

Another waterfall for the day, Goðafoss Falls.


We ended the night getting our RV fixed at Europcar in Akureyri. They were so accommodating and kind even when we broke it! We spent the night at the campsite on a park nearby. It was very peaceful with another view of mountains.


Day 7, we did a lot of driving but saw a turf church and Hvítserkur!


Day 8, we drove the Snæfellsnes peninsula. I was in search of puffins but we didn’t find any unfortunately! I didn’t take pictures today and just tried to enjoy the scenery. 

Day 9, we finished driving to Reykjavik and made a few stops on the way. We didn’t see much this day and we were honestly getting so tired from the trip, so we kept it low key.

Day 10, we saw puffins! Greg was determined for me to see my puffins before going home. We took a tour out of Reykjavik to an island only 15 minutes away and watched puffins from the boat. They are so small and so fast! They only love on land from about April to August when they are nesting, outside of those times they live in the Atlantic ocean. There are also limited places to see them and Iceland is your best chance. If I didn’t see my puffins I was going to have to go to Machias Maine for a more expensive tour, so Greg was determined for that reason as well! It was perfect weather and we went on the 11 o clock tour. Then we headed to the airport and we were both happy to be heading home and ending the trip on a high note.


I loved Iceland and I would definitely return someday, but I have no idea when. It is cheap to get to but not cheap when you are there. I was surprised by the costs of food and fuel. However, that’s not the reason why I won’t return soon. It’s because I feel like I saw so much. If I were to go back I would want to repeat those areas where we had bad weather and couldn’t see much but overall I am so happy with this vacation. It was one of the best I have ever had. Although the weather wasn’t perfect, May was the perfect month to go. There were not an abundance of tourists. Even at the main attractions you could get a picture by yourself! Also some of the campsites we stayed at for free because it was still the off season and no need for reservations!





Vermont City Training Week 8 Recap

This week was a busy week but a good one. I was running everywhere, preparing for my trip to Iceland tomorrow!! This is probably considered my “peak week” since I might run a few miles here and there if possible in Iceland but I am not going to try to fit in my normal miles especially since I will be camping 🙂 

Monday: Rest day, 3 mile walk/jog at girls on the run 

Tuesday: 6 miles easy 

Wednesday: 5.5 miles at lunch, 20 minutes with lyla and some of my lunch crew, then did 2 more easy miles at night

Thursday: 10 tempo miles, it was hard to get in the rhythm, first two were 8:00, 7:30, then I took a break and did 7:23, 7:15, 7:18, 7:19. I needed that break to get out of my own head. Finished up with some strength exercises- hydrants, deadlifts, hamstring ball exercises, squats, lunges, clamshells and planks 

Friday: 4.75 miles easy in the rain and a 3 minute plank. Something is better than nothing! 

Saturday: 4 really easy miles and a 5 minute plank. 

Sunday: 14 miles total. I was going to do some tempo miles but settled on just aiming for hard effort whatever that pace may be for the day, ended up being around 7:30’s which I was happy with. Had to add some breaks due to stomach aches and bringing some dogs along for the ride! Ended the day with some strength exercises and some foam rolling 🙂 

Week total- 46.25

Year total- 723 

Happy Monday!! 

– Jules 

The Marathon I Never Talk About 

We all have bad races, it happens to everyone. Sometimes if we just look at someone’s instagram it might seem like every run for them is a PR. Some might look at my instagram and think that. I have bad training runs all the time! Today I am here to tell you about the race I never talk about. I don’t not talk about it on purpose, honestly I think after a while I repressed it that entire time in my life. Here is the story of Maine Coast Marathon, my second marathon. 

I ran Maine Coast Marathon in May 2015, I think it was actually on Mother’s Day. I had run Napa in March and was close to qualifying for Boston so I wanted to give it another go. I know what you are probably thinking, too soon!! I have to say, yes you are completely right. Some people can manage multiple marathons that close together but that was my first marathon and man I really should have given my body a proper break afterwards. ESPECIALLY because I had bursitis in my knee and hadn’t allowed it to fully heal. Looking back it’s easy to see these things in the moment it’s not. 

You might think, oh someone should have told her. Well funny you say that because actually only my parents knew I was running it. I didn’t want anyone tracking me or looking up my results so it was like a secret marathon! 

Anyway, I took time off after Napa and then gradually got back into it. I should add, at this time I didn’t have a watch and ran basically all my runs the same speed, aka too fast, but I was oblivious. While I trained for Maine Coast I wondered why I felt sluggish the entire time. No run felt easy. I couldn’t figure it out. I had taken a week and a half off after Napa and wasn’t running very far. I was basically trying to maintain my fitness and nothing more. 

Well eventually the day came to run. It was HOT. At the start line I also saw my runner friend from work, so the word was out, secret marathon no longer! Haha. When the gun went off I felt good. Like with Napa as the miles passed I heard everyone else’s watches buzz and wondered what pace I was running. Oh well I felt good! Another note I didn’t do any tempo runs so my body did not know what my goal marathon pace felt like. See I have made lots of running mistakes! 

Okay continuing on. I believe, not completely sure, I made it through the halfway point still running. At this point it was getting really hot. We ran through a few cute little towns and I thought this marathon isn’t so bad. Then I tanked. I started to overheat and feel light headed. My first thought was, “if I call my mom to come get me, it will take her two hours, so I might as well walk the rest of the course. I can’t do that to her anyway because it’s Mother’s Day!”. 

So with halfway to go I started running a lot slower. I decided this was not a race to PR or break any records, it was a race to finish with no goals. My new goal, finish without needing to call my mom at church on Mother’s Day 🙂 so I trudged along and it was painful. People were dropping like flies and getting picked up by ambulances on the road. People were handing out sponges to cool yourself off, nothing helped. The sun was just beating down. I started walking. Then I thought about how long it would take me to walk 9 miles, god I would be out here forever. 

New plan walk to certain points in sight then run again, just keep picking new destinations in the distance and try to make it there. Getting to mile 20 felt like years. Honestly, I thought my time was probably five hours by now. Remember I had basically no concept of time. “I am never running a marathon again” I thought. We always say that 🙂 

I told myself to try to enjoy the course and the experience but we were on a long stretch of a pretty busy road and there was nothing scenic about it. I told myself I would never run this course again, and I probably won’t, but more so because there are so many races I haven’t done that I would love to do! 

After what felt like forever of walk/jogging and talking to myself I was close to the finish. I told myself I had to run in so I ran the last .2 across the finish line and was shocked that my time was 4 hours even. My next thought was, “how fast was I running in the beginning?!”. I must have been running pretty fast and faster than I had trained for if I walk jogged the second half marathon and came in at 4 hours. In a way I was proud of that, but I also learned so much from this race that I used going forward. 

  • Going out too fast really does kill you, everyone wasn’t lying 
  • A watch is probably a good investment 
  • Running in a random heat wave is no joke, it does impact your goals and times 
  • I am not invincible, I too have bad races and have certain elements I can’t overcome 

When I got back into running after that race, which took months. I actually took the whole summer off. I was kind of forced to because I got mono really badly, like couldn’t talk or swallow and missed two weeks of work. I honestly think it was my body telling me it needed a break and forcing me to just sleep! You can’t run with mono either, so I just focused on recovering from everything. When the doctor cleared me to run I would go on leisurely runs and only when I wanted to. I knew I had to want to run again and I had to be ready to love it again. 

Around August I did. I wasn’t tired anymore and my old energy was back. The first thing I did was buy a watch! I had no intention of racing in the near future but I knew it would be essential for preventing the massive positive split that happened at Maine Coast from happening again. I ran for fun until February when my coworkers convinced me to train for Sugarloaf with them. I decided I needed a bigger motivator/purpose for the race. I decided to raise money for Lewy Body Dimentia while training. I ended up raising money and getting my first BQ. Then I decided, I really wanted to see what my potential was with running and the marathon. 

You see we all have bad races, but what we learn from them improves our running going forward. I have learned more in my “failures” than any of my successes. I say failure in quotations because I don’t even view it like a failure. I could find a lot of successes within that race even though it wasn’t the result I planned! For example I didn’t call my mom until after, success!! 

Even sharing this now with you all has made me realize that I should have shared it sooner, because it was a defining race for me. Don’t be afraid to have a bad race. Don’t even call it a bad race just try to mentally change focus and look at all the things you are still achieving! We can find successes in everything. 

That’s my Sunday story 🙂 

– Jules 

Why I need and will always want a Coach

In a month, I will be taking the RRCA certification class to be a coach. Even though I want to be a coach to other runners, I still always want to have my own coach. Initially, when I was first considering starting a small coaching business thoughts like, “How can I coach other people when I need a coach myself?” went through my head. Then I realized, that shouldn’t be seen as a downfall. I don’t even know if people do see it like that or if it is just how I think about it. Coaching yourself is hard and being able to admit that you need someone else’s help is also hard. I realized that in order to reach my full potential or at least have a chance, I needed a coach. Someone who could push me past the limits I set on myself, and someone to hold me accountable, but also cheer me on and support me.

In the past six months I have seen more improvement in my running than I ever thought possible. Last year if you asked me if I thought I could ever run a 1:3x half, I would have said no. If you asked me if I thought I could BQ by over ten minutes, I also would have said no. It’s not that I didn’t believe in myself, I just didn’t think I would see those results so quickly. The reason I did have so much progress is because I trained smart, and my coach pushed me in ways I wouldn’t have thought to push myself.

So here are the reasons why I need and will always want a coach.

  1.  Accountability. When I am in charge of my workouts, I become a lot more flexible and am not as determined to fit it into my schedule. I will sleep in and not wake up early to run, even when I know I can’t fit my run in any other time. When someone else gives me workouts, this is not the case. I practically jump out of bed in the morning!
  2. Support. When I feel overworked  in regards to running or my job, over-stressed or just plain tired, my coach is the first one to tell me to take a day off. Sometimes I get so invested in my training and have such large goals I can’t step back and see when I need a break, or when a day off would help me not hurt me. That is why I need a coach, an outside perspective, a voice of reason.
  3. Push me Outside my Comfort Zone. This one I surprisingly realized recently. I attempted to make my training plan for Chicago just for practice and I found myself giving bigger buffers to tempo/speed workouts or making them a little slower. I told myself I was being realistic, but really I was having trouble seeing my own potential. At that moment I knew I needed someone else to push me harder than I would push myself! I needed someone to write down paces that intimidated me at first glance. I noticed that the magic really happens when I attempt workouts outside my comfort zone. I end up having breakthroughs where I realize I can do hard things and achieve times that originally seem impossible!
  4. Believing in ME. What is better than having someone who believes in you as much if not more than you believe in yourself? That really sets me up for success, it motivates me to strive to be my absolute best.
  5. Outside Perspective. Someone who can be your rationale, keep you training smart, prevent you from running too fast or too far too soon while keeping your goals in view. If I were training myself I think I would fall victim to feeling like I always should be running more and if I acted on that I would end up injured, most likely. It’s a weight off my shoulders when I can put all my trust in the process and someone else’s plan for me.


These are my reasons why I need and want a coach as I keep striving for all my running goals. You may have other reasons or some of the same, we are all different, but some of us are going after similar goals.

If you don’t have a coach and read this and think hmm maybe I should consider one, feel free to reach out to me! I did not write this to advocate for myself, these are honest reasons, but I would still be happy to talk to you.