Vermont City Training Week 5 Recap 

Today feels like a holiday for me, I can’t wait to track all the Boston Marathon runners and hopefully watch some of it as well! I cannot wait to head to Boston next year, it was my goal for over a year to qualify and run it. 

Here is a recap of my last week, I have still been building my mileage slowly since Napa but it’s working for me, so I am going with it. 

Monday: walk/jog at girls on the run but overall a rest day!

Tuesday: 6.5 miles easy with Megan! It was so beautiful out. I also threw in a plank 🙂 

Wednesday: 4 miles easy with strides. 2×2 minute planks, clamshells, hydrants, band exercises, one legged deadlift, ball hamstring exercises.

Thursday: 11 mile tempo! 2×1 mile at 6:59 and 6:40, then recovery and 2×2 mile at 7:14, 7:07 and 7:11, 7:16. 

Friday: Rest/ nature walk!! 

Forgot a picture today!! 

Saturday: 4 miles easy, it was a beautiful day! Then I met my friend for a donut 🙂 

Sunday: 14 miles easy. I originally set out for 16 but it was randomly 85 degrees so I knew it wasn’t the day to bang it out. After my run I did a plank routine and a bunch of hydrants for my hips and flutes, also variations of clamshells. I am trying to focus on my Weak areas to prevent injury!!

Week total: 39.5 

2017 total: 594.75

This weekend was beautiful weather and so relaxing. I started to really plan for Iceland in a few weeks and it got me really excited!! Can’t wait to keep planning and watch the Boston Marathon after work! 

Good luck to all the runners!!!


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