When I realized I was obsessed with running

In high school I ran track but mainly for the social aspect and to stay in shape for soccer. My coach will be the first one to tell you we expended more energy laughing than running. Our winter track meets were at Reggie Louis in Boston and he used to come into the back when we lined up for the relay and try to get us to stop laughing, it was impossible. This isn’t to say we weren’t decent runners then, we were. I think we all just hadn’t realized our potential yet, but I wouldn’t change anything because my track memories are my favorite. Anyway my coach probably would have done anything to get me fully invested in the sport, like run on weekends but that never happened. He asked us what our competition was doing and I was still unphased, I played soccer on the weekends which involves running, so same thing right? 

Anyway, years later I am now obsessed with running. I love it, it is more a passion for me than soccer ever was. I still talk to my track coach, he is probably my favorite coach I ever had in any sport. I update him on my running PRs and talk about how I want to be a coach someday like him. I think he still sees this as a success, because he got me in the end! 

2016 was the year I truly became running obsessed because I realized the following were all true for me. 

  1. Sunrise runs. Early morning runs before the sun comes up are a common occurrence. 
  2. Weekend sunrise runs. Even on the weekends a long run starts before 6am usually. 
  3. Running reads. My recent books are running related. Advanced marathoning, hansons method, 80/20, simple marathon training, how to become a faster runner, etc. you get the idea 🙂
  4. Running hobbies. Outside of working a full time job I started making training plans for friends and asking people if I could coach them – as if running wasn’t already taking up my time, but I love it! 
  5. Runch. Instead of lunch at work sometimes I do a runch with my runner friends at work. 
  6. #seenonmyrun. All my workouts are on social media- also I am obsessed with the instagram running community, I think if we all lived in the same area we would be best friends ha. 
  7. Running shoes. I always have to have at least five pairs of running shoes and although all my other shoes need to be upgraded my running shoes will still come first. 
  8. Exceeding my running budget. Going off the last one, my spending money goes to races and shoes… 
  9. Sunday runday. my ideal Saturday involves a long run with some podcasts and then a breakfast sandwich and relaxing 
  10. Missed runs. If I have to miss a run, my mood is shot. The day is over, I am grumpy and sad. 
  11. Rest days. I cherish my rest days but on those days I think about running and plan running routes, races or workouts. 
  12. Vacations.I plan some vacations around running – hello Napa Valley and Chicago! 
  13. Runs come first. I plan my day around my runs and my weekends. 
  14. Foam rollers. Me and my foam roller are best friends and my compression socks, true love right there. 
  15. Yoga for runners. Pigeon pose is also a lifesaver 
  16. Bucket list. I have a bucket list of destination races 

I am sure there are so many other things my boyfriend and family and friends could mention, but these are the ones I know to be 100% true. A lot of these even happened today! 

Well, I hope you enjoyed the read, until next time friends! 
– Jules 

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