What is your ultimate running goal? 

This morning as I sit waiting to get dressed for my half marathon at 9am, I am thinking about my goals. As I drove up to Vermont yesterday I listened to Ali on the run’s podcast with her husband and Lindsey hein’s newest podcast with Teal, both are super inspiring! If you need a pick me up or you want to start reflecting on your life, check them out. 

Anyway, they got me wondering if I am dreaming big enough. Do I have that ultimate goal that I want to achieve and what am I doing today to get there? I usually dismiss a lot of my big goals because I don’t see them as possible at least in the near term. Which is realistic, but why don’t I set smaller more achievable goals to get to my big goal? Why do I dismiss my big goals and hinder my potential success because of fear and doubt that I can get there? In running and in life, I may tell myself I am not qualified so I can’t, but what am I basing that off of? Shouldn’t I be my biggest supporter and not let anyone stand in the way of me trying? The key is trying. 

Here are some of my running goals, if I were to dream big and not put limits on myself. 


  • Qualifying and Running in the Olympic Marathon Trials — biggest of goals
  • Running a sub 3 hour marathon – big goal
  • Running a sub 3:05 marathon 
  • Running a sub 3:10 marathon 
  • Running a sub 3:15 marathon

As you can see I am realistic, these goals clearly have a progression. My next attempt at the marathon in the fall I am going for a sub 3:15 marathon since I just ran a 3:20. This dream will take a lot of time and effort, but as long as I try and give my best shot and fully commit to the goal, if I never make it I will not be disappointed. I will be proud of myself for going all in and trying. I would have no regrets. If it gets me out of bed in the morning excited to work towards this goal, that is so big it consumes me, I can be happy with that. I know I won’t wake up tomorrow and run a 2:42 marathon, as awesome as that would be, I know the training isn’t there, yet!

Here are some other big goals for me related to coaching.


  • Have a kick ass coaching business with clients from all over the US and world 
  • Coach clients to PR’s and goals in all road race distances 
  • Get my coaching business started!

I also have some goals for my daily 8-5 job but those aren’t as interesting to share here, so I kept the running focus on today. Running is my true passion. I do like what I do but running and coaching gets me excited to get out of bed in the morning and that translates into other parts of my life. 

What’s the thing in your life that makes you feel alive? What would you do for your career or with your life if nothing stood in your way? What makes you excited to get out of bed in the morning? Now that you thought of it, are you doing it? If not, why not? 

Now time to run! More time to think about this haha. Race recap will follow soon! 

– Jules 

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