Vermont City Week 3 Training Recap 

This week was difficult. I have spring fever to say the least, but when there is still snow on the ground and the sun doesn’t come out, it effects my mood. The beginning of the week I was down and pretty mopey, but the sun came out Thursday and it reached 50 and I was a new person! Then Friday and Saturday it snowed…. where are you spring?!

Anyway here was my week! 

Monday: Rest and girls on the run. I literally wrote, “case of the mondays”.

Tuesday: 5 miles with 5×15 sec hill sprints, 5 minute plank – alternating positions.

Wednesday: 7.5 mile tempo. Planned 5 miles at 7:15-7:30, actual paces were 7:22, 7:19, 7:27, 7:33, 7:35. This workout felt impossible, it was hard to breath and my chest felt tight, I think I was dehydrated and overtired. Ended with a 3 minute plank and pidgeon pose. 

Thursday: 5.5 easy miles, 4 minute plank, bridges – still did not feel myself. 

Friday: 3.1 easy before the snowstorm and strength routine. 1.5 mile walk with lyla. 

Saturday: Rest day, 25 minutes of easy yoga , 6 minutes of planks, walk with lyla. 

Sunday: 12 easy miles, foam roll, 5 minute plank, single leg deadlifts, pistol squats, lateral lunges, side lunges, squats! 

Week total= 33.1 miles 

Year total=519.55

This week I am heading to Vermont for the Unplugged half marathon, so excited! Haven’t decided if I am racing yet because I haven’t felt myself, but we will see what this week holds. Either way it will be fun!! 


2 thoughts on “Vermont City Week 3 Training Recap 

  1. I hope you feel good for the race! I had a similar feeling going into a half marathon yesterday, but taking the two days before the race completely off was amazing! Suddenly my energy was back. Good luck!


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