Strategic Saturdays 

I love making goals on Saturdays. Some use Sunday’s to really plan for the week, but Saturday is my day! Today is perfect because it is snowy and gross out so I am just going to cuddle up with my pup and plan for success in all aspects of my life, running, work, social, everything. 

I have already walked my dog, shoveled, watched a documentary, started cooking some pesto chicken and started my laundry.  How productive! Anyway, this week is a three day week for me, And I am heading to Vermont on Friday to visit my sister and run the unplugged half! 

Meal planning: I have really fallen off the bandwagon with my eating habits ever since my marathon. I don’t really know why, but it happens to everyone. I am in the eat ice cream every night and plain white pasta for every meal phase. It happens to everyone, but this weekend I am going to plan out my meals in an attempt to get back on track. This morning I already made a delicious smoothie and I think I will make an omelette for lunch 🙂 I am currently on Pinterest looking up some of my favorite recipes, here are a few that I may bring back this week! 

  1. Shrimp fried rice
  2. Slow cooker chicken pot pie
  3. Turkey chicken chili
  4. Crock pot corn chowder 

Running planning: A week from today I have my half marathon! I just eased back into around 30 miles a week since my marathon. My tempo workout this week was a struggle so I am emphasizing the easy running lately. I have 12 on the calendar tomorrow, but I am hoping my march marathon will carry me to a PR. I am trusting my maathon trainkng, not necessarily my last four weeks of running because I did a slow ramp up after the race to prevent injury. My April goal is a half PR at some point, I have Unplugged this weekend and I have a local Portsmouth half on the 23rd, so fingers crossed. 

  1. Vermont Half Marathon Unplugged
  2. Portsmouth Half Marathon

Social: I have been trying to go to a new brewery or restaurant each week with a friend because let’s be honest I love food and beer. This past week I went to Stoneface brewery, if you are in the seacoast New Hampshire area, it’s a must try! I have always loved their beer but they recently expanded and now also have food. It’s amazing! This week I am going to come up with some food/breweries in Vermont 🙂 

  1. Foam Brewers
  2. Boyden Valley Winery

Work: This one isn’t very interesting, I just plan to be all caught up by Thursday for my day off. I also am working on my website for my coaching business, it’s definitely a work in progress! 

I am also looking forward to seeing beauty and the beast this week, wooo! 

Happy Saturday!! 

– Jules 

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