Vermont City Training Week 2 Recap 

I just wrapped up Week 2 of training for Vermont city and my legs are back!! As you may know I took a solid week off after my race and then I slowly tried to ease back in with every other day running and only 3-5 miles each time for the next week. Then I did a reverse taper and added more mileage back but still kept the miles easy because my legs were feeling it. Now I am feeling awesome I am glad I took that time to listen to my body. I normally would take more time off but with Vermont City in May I want to keep my fitness up. Anyway here is my recap of the week! 

Monday: Rest day and GIrls on the Run! 

Tuesday; 4.4 easy miles and 4 min plank 

Wednesday: 7 mile tempo- 2×2 miles at (6:54, 7:00) and (7:26, 7:21) one had the wind at my back the other at my front, can you guess? Haha I also have a 2 mile walk with lyla.

Thursday: 3 easy miles and Girls on the Run 1.35 easy 

Friday: Rest day and 2 mile walk with lyla

Saturday: TRX and 3 miles easy and strength routine 

Sunday: 10 mile tempo – over under workout with one mile at 10k pace 7:00 and the next at about ten seconds under marathon pace 7:25. Actual paces were 6:57, 7:16, 6:56, 7:06, 7:01, 7:17. 

Week total: 29.4

2017 total: 486.45


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