My Post Run Strength Routine

After years of running, I have realized my weak areas both physically and mentally. Today I will cover some of my physical weaknesses, specifically my abs, glutes and hamstrings and the exercises I do to strengthen them. On days that I run I aim to do these exercises right after or if that isn’t possible just at some point during the day. 

Plank Routine: 

I start in a normal forearm plank. For this Routine I switch plank positions but never drop. I mix it up each time and just see how long I can go without dropping. A few specific plank positions I do are below. 

Standard forearm plank – generally I hold for  60 seconds before moving to next exercise 

Rocking forward and backward – 30 seconds 

Hip dips side to side – 60 seconds 

Alternating dropping a knee to the ground – 60 seconds 

Side plank with hip raise -30 seconds 

Side plank holding leg up – favorite!! – 20 seconds 

Back to center and hold to the end 

Hip/Glute/Hamstring Routine 

Fire hydrants – 15 each side then break then repeat 

Grab a resistance band for the following exercises!! 

Side leg raises- 20 each side x 2 

Now kick your leg back – 20 each side x 2

Squat and side shuffle- across a room and back x 2

Wide leg walk- across a room and back x 2

One legged deadlift with weight – 10 each leg x 2

Grab a ball to finish up the Routine by making the hamstrings burn. These final moves help me a ton!! I used to have a week hamstring and now I fee stronger than ever and have remained injury free through marathon training!

Starting position 

Pull your knees in slowly and then return to the starting position- 10 times x 2 (can slowly build this number up) 

Now dig your heals in and push your hips up and lower back down – 10 times x 2 

Now get rid of the ball, glue your feet and thighs together and do full range bridges -20 x 2 

I learned this move today! Cross one leg over and do single leg bridges- 15 each leg x 2

Grab the band again, put it on your things, take your stance wider than hip distance apart and hold for 3 minutes! 

Then do the wave with your hip from side to side – 1-2 minutes more 

And now you have finished my post run strength routine! Hopefully you are feeling stronger than ever. These are my go to moves for my weak areas but I am also always trying new moves and seeing if they work for me! 

My favorite stretch to finish with is the pidgeon stretch – great for runners!! Maybe next time I will share my go to stretches 🙂 

Happy Saturday!! 


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