Vermont Marathon Week 1 Training Recap

I am going to call this past week my first week of “training” for the Vermont City Marathon. I have no goals for this race besides slowly building back up my fitness for Chicago. I am going to pace my sister. It is her first marathon ever and we are twins, so I want to help her any way I can. That is why I signed up even though it is pretty darn close to Napa so I am not trying to break any personal records here, just cross the finish line next to my sister with a smile on my face. So with that said, here is my week Recap. 

Monday: Rest day, lots of donuts! 

Tuesday: Easy five mile run with Megan before the blizzard. 9 days post marathon, still felt sluggish. 

Wednesday: Rest again! Woohoo! 

Thursday: 5 easy miles with Megan again before she left to go back to Vermont. I also had my first Girls on the Run today!!

Friday: 6.25 easy miles after work, 9:15 avg and 12 days post marathon. 

Saturday: cross country skiing with Greg, getting my planks started up again. I fell off the bandwagon so now getting to 2 minutes feels impossible but I have to start somewhere.

This photo is from the underarmour women campaign, check it out on their instagram I love the message. #ImPretty 

Sunday: 10 easy miles 9:20 avg, pace was comfortable. 4:30 minute plank and then hamstring/glute exercises (bridges, band workout, ball workout, one leg dead lifts) 

Total for the week= 26 miles woo!!

Total for 2017= 457.05

I will leave you with the pure enjoyment on my puppies face, shouldn’t we all strive to be this happy? Also it’s a stick that made her this content, I think that should tell us something… Ponder that 🙂 



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