Recovery Week 1

This was a glorious week. My main form of exercise was sitting on the couch and moving from my couch to the refrigerator and back, as well as walking from my car into work and back. I think after last Sunday’s marathon I wanted as few steps as possible. I think I accomplished it, but I also think I could have done better since I did have four miles. 

Normally I would take at least two weeks completely off from running after a marathon. However, I am running Vermont in May. I don’t have a time goal but I also don’t want to struggle because I let my fitness go, so I planned on taking 7-10 days off instead of the normal two weeks. But I am planning on listening to my body and if it feels too soon and too hard then I will continue to lay low and back off. 

After two weeks of minimal and occasional running I will then do a reverse taper and ease my mileage back up. Then after a month I will be back into my 40-50 mile week training but with a lower intensity. I decided this is the perfect training cycle to not stick to a real plan but just see how I feel and adapt as I go! 

Here is my recovery week recap: 

Monday: Rest, flew back from California! 

Tuesday: Rest again!

Wednesday: Rest, can now walk down stairs normally again! 

Thursday: Rest more, you get the theme. 

Oh Thursday also involved delicious food… as I showed in a previous post but I think it needs more recognition!

Friday: Rest, zero miles 

Saturday: 1 unplanned mile and a 4 minute plank. Saturday was freezing I set out for a walk with my dog and it turned into an easy jog so that we could brave the cold! 

Sunday: Yoga and 3 easy miles, felt good but I don’t want to rush back.

Weekly total: 4 lovely miles and lots food! 

Year total: 431.05

Happy Monday! 

– Jules 

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