New Goals & Friday Surprises

This past week has been relaxing and amazing. It’s always hard to not run and to hold myself back but I know the break will make me better and ready for the next training cycle! 

To occupy my time I have been reading, playing with dogs and eating. A lot! I mean work consumes my time as well, but that’s not fun to talk about. 

Last night, I tried a new Italian place in Portsmouth that just opened up. I will explain my food with pictures because that’s the most important part. 

I left so full but SO happy! I love when people say it doesn’t matter that you ate so much, you run all the time! Yeah but I have tallied zero miles this week and my exercise is walking to my car into the office and from my couch to the refrigerator, but I am not complaining. Anyway, anyone in Portsmouth New Hampshire should give this a try, it did not disappoint. 

At dinner my friend and I caught up on a lot, but we also talked about our dreams and new goals. Things that make us happy and how we can lead a rewarding life and one we don’t look back on with regrets. Yes, it was deep, we tend to have those conversations 🙂 

It really got me thinking though. I mean what else is there to do when you aren’t running? Think about running, plan new races, think more about running… haha. Seriously though, my passion is coaching and I can’t wait to take steps to get there this year, but I also just love to run. I love striving for new goals and seeing if I can reach them. They might be scary and impossible at first, but what if you reach them? How awesome would that feel? That is why I never limit myself, I am reasonable though and know that some goals take a while. 

Thinking about goals can be scaring, but saying them out loud that’s a whole different story! To me, that is my verbal commitment to take a chance and try to get there. I will do whatever I can. If I fail or don’t achieve them the first time that’s okay, but I have to give it a shot right? So here goes! Here are my goals for the remainder of the year.

  • Run a PR Half, ideally around 1:35
  • Run between 3:10 and 3:15 marathon in Chicago 
  • Become a certified coach & start my own online coaching business 
  • Take risks with my blog and see where it takes me!

Some of these really scare me but I want to see what I am capable of with and without running! 

Now for some Friday surprises: 

  • I got into the popular 10k in Maine called Beach to Beacon and am so excited to experience it. Without knowing what to think, I have expectations it will be like the Falmouth Road Race in Mass that I love!! 

  • Hungry Runner Girl Mentioned my Napa Race performance in her Friday Running accomplishment section today. I am such a huge fan of hers, I have been over the moon all day! I look up to her and all she has accomplished with her blog and her life, and she wants to get into coaching too! I think we should be friends 🙂 

That’s all for now, happy Friday!! 

3 thoughts on “New Goals & Friday Surprises

  1. I just found your blog (through Hungry Runner Girl, of course) and LOVE it! I’m running Sugarloaf this year and hoping to finally get my BQ after coming frustratingly close in Chicago. You are super inspiring and I can’t wait to follow your adventures!!


    1. Hi!! Thank you that means so much to me. I started it recently so I really enjoy posting but never think anyone reads it! Haha I know that feeling of coming so close you can definitely do it. I ran Sugarloaf so if you ever need any insight into the race I am more than happy to share my experience 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha I feel the same way!! It’s an odd feeling putting your thoughts out on the internet and just seeing who finds them. Can’t wait to follow along! And I would love any/all Sugarloaf advice!!


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