Taper Tactics 

Anyone else get into taper mode and find that your wallet takes a hit? I seriously can’t stop online shopping. When it’s two weeks out from a big race I don’t know why but I tell myself I deserve everything! I mean I do (kidding), but my bank account says otherwise. So I wanted share what’s currently in my shopping cart, also known as all my go to running necessities! 

1. Compression socks. Let’s be honest I don’t know how I ever lived without these. My favorite brands are CEP and Pro Compression, each for different reasons. 

CEP is the perfect amount of pressure, once you get them on. The only downside is the struggle to get them on my feet. Let alone once they are on my feet I still have to pull them up my calf. It basically almost always ends in me almost throwing a tantrum until miraculously I have a breakthrough. That being said, once they are on they are amazing. 

Pro Compression are much easier to get on, bonus there! Also they come in so many fun colors and designs so they are great to brighten up a run. I am always excited to match my outfits or my socks with my shoes. I know, I am that person. They are decently tight and do provide relief in aiding in recovery, but not as tight as CEP. 

Overal it comes down to preference and what you are looking for that day. I love them both and they are staples for my running, also why I have a bunch in my shopping cart… 

2. Nike Pegasus Shoes. I don’t even know where to start in discussing my love for these shoes. Before this year I was anti Nike, I couldn’t even tell you why! I don’t think I thought they had enough support… but this past fall that all changed. My friend got a pair and I instantly loved the style, so I bought a pair and then another, and now I have another waiting for me to click confirm purchase… These shoes I use for racing, tempos and speed, so in all honestly I need at least three pairs! Right?

3. Senita outfits. I only recently stumbled upon them and their clothes are so fun and affordable. I am always looking for patterns and ways to mix up my outfits. I purchased a pair of capris the other day and wish that I could wear them everyday. The outfit I currently have waiting for me to click complete is here and here. 

4. Momentum Jewelry. I mean I should have all the inspirational quotes all up and down my wrists for this marathon, am I right or am I right? I don’t think any more explanation is needed, we all know the marathon struggles and the little things that surprisingly help you get to that finish line! 

Clearly I just want to deck myself out in the perfect outfit right? Maybe, but more so I am looking for inspiration. Tapering is hard and I find that once I have time to rest I feel sluggish and my runs are difficult, making my confidence sink. I have found that buying myself something new, even if it’s small, gets me excited to go out and run. ALWAYS. So when I taper I tend to use this knowledge, my wallet hates it, but mentally I spend the two weeks or so before my race running in my new gear and remembering how much I love to run. Yes the gear gets me out the door, but after that it’s all about falling back in love with runninh just in time for my race! I should probably find a cheaper trick, I know, but right now it works 😉 


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