Training Week 14 Recap

This week was probably my hardest week yet for running due to leftover snow from last weeks storms and a cold that took me down a few days. However, I made it and feel so much better today! Now I just have to avoid getting another cold for the next two weeks!!

Monday: An early morning snowshoe with lyla, yoga and a 5min plank!

Tuesday: 5.25 miles with 4×30 second strides  at 6min pace, 15 minutes of TRX strength 

Wednesday: 4.5 easy miles and 6min plank (headcold so took it really easy)

Thursday: 4 miles easy and barre class, also 2 mile walk with Lyla 

Friday: 12.1 tempo miles, 2 mile warm up,  2×1 mile (7:02, 6:46) with .25 recovery, 5 miles @7:30 (7:29, 7:15, 7:29, 7:12, 7:33), cool down to 12 total. This was a very difficult workout after being sick but I did it! 

Saturday: 4.15 easy miles with the dogs and cross country skiing 

Sunday: 16.1 tempo miles, 4 mile warm up, 10 miles @7:35-7:50 pace (actual 7:53, 7:43, 7:28, 7:28, 7:42, 7:44, 7:48, 7:39, 7:41, 7:40), 2 mile cool down. Hitting those paces felt impossible but the shorts weather carried me through and my new compression socks!

Total of 46.1 miles for the week and a total so far for 2017 of 354.18

Now for the beginning of week 14 and my last full week in New Hampshire before I jet off to California! It is coming up so quickly, I am excited but also really nervous, as I am sure you will hear about even more in the next two weeks…

– Julie

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