23 Miles of Candid Thoughts

If you are a runner I am sure you have been in a similar situation to me this morning. My alarm went off at 5:30 a.m on a Sunday..what was I thinking? I shut it off in probably half a second. Then it went off again at 5:45…how dare it. Didn’t my phone know I wanted to sleep. This happens to me every morning I set a sequence of alarms and I always talk myself out of the first one, and usually the second, but then I start waking up and I try to beat the third alarm. My competitive side has awakened! First success.

I perfectly laid out my clothes and everything I needed for my run the night before to avoid waking the dogs. It wouldn’t seem like that would be my biggest concern in the morning, but it is. Whenever they awaken its chaos. Mostly because well they love running and they can tell when I am going to leave. If they are awake and left behind they will sit by the window and whine and cry. Running for them is a treat, which I love because that is how I view it for myself as well. I don’t have to do it, I want to and I can. Anyway, back on track Julie. I successfully escaped my apartment with the dogs still asleep.

I made it to the end of my driveway and noticed none of the sidewalks were plowed from the 12 inches of snow Thursday, great. Good start. I can just turn around and go to bed, no don’t do it. Well I had all my lights and reflective gear and it is 6am on a Sunday so I guess I will try the road. I didn’t put my StabilGear on because I left them in the closet and getting them was risky business (waking dogs wise), but I regretted it now. The snow in the road was slush so there was no traction and you felt like you went two steps forward and one back. How am I going to make it 23 miles in this? I can’t even make it two feet! I proceeded for 8 miles and then went back to my house. This is ridiculous, I am getting nowhere. My calves are burning and I feel like I would make it farther if I crawled.

I went back and grabbed my stabilgear and strapped them on and jumped out the door again. By now the snow was picking up and blowing straight into my face. I started some podcasts and just decided I would run to the tradeport my work was on and back. I figured most people wouldn’t be driving to work on a Sunday in this! It was a good call because I passed only a handful of cars so I could run in the road, but the roads were terrible still since few cars were traveling on them. Anyway, as I proceeded for the next two hours I thought about many random things. Do you guys ever laugh at the things that pass through your head on a run? I really do talk to myself!

Oh wow this is rough.

Thanks for the slush shower truck, I needed that.

No, I think this actually sucks.

Did I just go forward at all? 

My calves are burning, I need to work them out more. Does anyone intentionally workout their calves?

Am I getting anywhere? Is this better than a treadmill?

Well that was ice. I really think I need a salt truck to escort me on my runs. 

Why is it snowing? Didn’t mother nature know that I had a 23 mile run planned today? Guess, not. How rude.

Alright, well maybe I just made it a mile. Everyone says the first mile is the hardest then it gets better, hmm nope .25 mile. Okay only a year of running left for today.

I am being dramatic, maybe I should listen to a podcast.

Are my eyelashes frozen? 

I hope Greg makes bacon. Oh and an egg sandwich. Wow I am starving, how much do I have left? I won’t make it. My stomach is eating itself. Okay maybe don’t think about food.

I wish I could be a podcaster. I think I have a weird voice though, I don’t think I could do it. I may also be socially awkward. It just sounds so fun. Eh no probably not my calling.

Oh I should bake something today when I get snowed in. Oh no, not food again, something else.

I reached the end of the road, the end is near, and by end I mean 7 more miles back!

Ooo a cop, they could give me a lift home right? I should have waved them down, maybe they will notice a poor girl running into the pelting snow and turn around and ask me what I was thinking. Basically what I am asking myself right now. Nope, not coming back, darn.

Okay, well hmm distractions, what is my dream job. I have thinking about teaching a lot lately, definitely coaching, but how does anyone figure out there dream job, there are SO many options. I want to try everything, without going back to school.

What about physical therapy. Okay, Julie you just said you don’t want to go back to school. Or accounting, again school. Totally not listening to myself. Maybe the wrong question to ask myself.

It would be cool to be a race director. Do I even know the logistics of what they do? I don’t think I will figure this one out on this run, although I do have all the time in the world.

What about what makes me happy in life? Puppies! Running! Food! Definitely wine. I actually love the boxed Trader Joes wine I have been getting, win there. I should have got more, whoops.

Okay, ow this hurts again. Are my legs still moving?


Maybe time for some music, woo love this song!

Yes, almost back. You can do this you are a rockstar. You are awesome and so strong, you can make it. You feel great, you look great (both lies).

Wow seriously Julie, why didn’t that motivation and encouragement come in the first 20 miles? I need to work on this.


These were my actual thoughts when running today. I actually wrote a few on my phone when I was running so I would remember because I thought I was crazy. I love running because I have that time to myself to think and clear my head, but when my runs get long the conversations in my head get silly. Mostly amusing after the fact. I am pretty serious while they are happening, ha!

Anyway, even with these thoughts we get ourselves out there and we complete our runs. Sometime we don’t do exactly what we had planned but that is okay, something is better than nothing and I fully believe in listening to your body and readjusting your training when life gets in the way and you really need a break. I believe that will benefit you so much in the long run and even just being able to step back and evaluate when you need to cut back or change a workout puts you ahead of so many others, probably me included if we are being honest! We also all sometimes need extra encouragement and an extra push. Some of the tricks I use to get myself out the door are below.

1.Podcasts – I tell myself to run as long as the podcast and then I can stop. Side note: my favorites are I’ll Have Another by Lindsey Hein, Run to the Top Podcast and Ali on the Run Show

2. New Spotify Playlist – always puts a pep in my step

3. Wine – who doesn’t sprint out the door if wine is at the finish! It’s not my pre-run drink unfortunately 😉

4. Bring a friend or dog – I can’t run with a furry friend without smiling, let’s be serious.

5. New workout gear – this one isn’t good for my savings account, but if I find myself in a lull I buy myself some knew gear. That is sure to get me out the door because I can’t wait to sport it!

6. Support System – I have a great group of friends and family that support my running and know that when I get my run in I am the best, happiest version of myself. So they aren’t afraid to kick me out the door!

These work for me, but there are so many options. Find what works for you and keep getting out there 🙂




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