Girls on the Run 

I can thank my sister for introducing me to Girls on the Run (GOTR) and I am so glad she did. I mentioned how I wanted to try coaching in some capacity but didn’t think high school could work because of the commitment and the fact I do have an 8-5 job. So she told me to look into Girls on the Run. I hadn’t even heard of it! 

I forgot about it a bit and then started researching it one day at work. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to email for more information and go from there. Before I knew it I was checking with my boss to make sure it would be okay if I left a bit early from work two days a week during the season. Luckily he is awesome and said it’s a great opportunity! So I jumped in and signed on to be a coach!

Today I had the coaching training and let me tell you I am even more excited! Everyone spoke so highly of the program and said you get so much out of it. The girls probably teach us more than we teach them and the lessons are applicable to even our lives. I know that it is going to be a rewarding program and it will help me focus on the big picture and what is important in life. Sometimes I have trouble keeping site of that, I know this program will help. I was filled with pride at the training today and excited to jump right in and get started. 

Soon enough it will begin, right after my marathon actually! Perfect timing because I will probably need something to fill the void of months of training. 

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