204 Miles for January

This month was one of my highest mileage months in a while and a great start to my run the year in miles! 2,017 miles here I come. I finally worked my way up to 50 mile training weeks, which is definitely a happy place for me. All through the summer I ran maybe 20 mile weeks and just focused on enjoying myself. Besides everyone says you can’t train for your next marathon before you forget your last, so apparently I forgot about Sugarloaf sometime in the fall 🙂 Hard to believe!

Back to the training. 50 miles is also the highest I have ever gone so I always wonder what else I am capable of. Are 60-70 mile weeks my sweet spot? How do I know? I think a lot of marathon training is trial and error. In the past I always trained for races and didn’t really track my training runs at all I did the plan, wrote it on a piece of paper and then threw it out after. It was a clean slate, a new beginning. That is good, but now I know the importance of figuring out what works best for me by tracking my training and race results.

Through trial and error over my three marathons so far I determined that I need some yoga in my weekly routine to prevent injury. I also try to incorporate lots of planks and hamstring exercises, because I know my weaknesses. I really focused on them this cycle and I have felt better than ever. I will share my plank routines in the coming weeks! 

Over this next year I look forward to figuring out the best training method for me, hopefully hitting some new PR’s, traveling to new places for races and above all having fun.

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